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Greg Bowersock Bowersock

Greg Bowersock Bowersock

System Analyst Sr at UAB
Greg Bowersock is the Director of the Software Engineering and Prototyping Lab.
Greg Bowersock Bowersock

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    Cooper Filby

    Project Manager at UAB SEaP Lab
    Office Phone: (205) 934-5914

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      Student Developers

      Stephen Stucky

      Born February 12, 1809, in a one room log cabin. Stephen Stucky taught him self how to read by candle light.

      I do stuff and make things.

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                Jamall Harris

                I didn't develop an interest in computer science till after high school. Although computers have always been of interest to me. It wasn't till my first programming course @ UAB that I began programming. For the past two years, I have been programming nonstop. Working in computer forensics gave me the opportunity to work with several organizations including the FBI, Bank Of America, and Paypal creating GEO-tagging software for phishing scams and Mail Parsers for the FBI. More recently, working with Software Engineering and Prototyping (SEAP)Lab I've work with the BJTCA on the public transit application and The School of Nursing on the cancer resource application. To date, I've worked with Java, Python, Perl, Ruby, C, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress and this is only the beginning. I enjoy computer science and the thrill of learning new technologies my main interests are in networking, distributed computing, and high performance computer.

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                    Lab Alumni

                    Tait Wayland

                    UX designer and juggling enthusiast. Interactive design student at UAB. I make things look pretty.

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                      Larry Owen

                      Larry Owen

                      Founding Director at UAB SEaP Lab
                      Larry Owen

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