Alabama Perinatal Excellence Collaborative’s (APEC) aim is to improve pregnancy outcomes by providing Obstetric providers with evidence-based practice guidelines and decision trees to assist them in the care of pregnant women. Pregnancy Education Activation Communication Enhancement for Providers (PEACE-P) provides an avenue for easy access to the guidelines and direct contact with APEC leaders. Guidelines can be viewed on the PEACE-P website via your personal computer, tablet, or smart phone. Follow the link provided to download the app onto your personal device; the app is designed to be compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

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    Website: PEACE-P


    Cancer Resources App

    The Cancer Resource app enables providers and patients to search for resources by type, target audience and counties served, including in Blount, Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair and Walker counties. Information on some national resources also is available. This downloadable smartphone application to help health care providers and cancer patients identify more than 500 valuable community resources for people in North Central Alabama battling cancer.

    Website: Cancer Resources App



    The PEACE-M Project is an extension of the APEC Guidelines PEACE-P project that was developed in order to provide useful pregnancy guidelines to expectant mothers.

    Website: PEACE-M



    The Babl Project is a Secure Group Chat application commissioned by the Children's Hospital of Alabama in order to provide a convenient way for clinicians to communicate with one another.

    Website: Babl


    SPAM and Phishing

    Website: SPAM and Phishing


    Arthritis Power

    The Arthritis Power Framework is a PCORI Grant funded research framework with the goal of gathering Patient Reported Outcome data from patients outside of the doctors office, allowing fine grain tracking of the progression of chronic diseases. The application is being developed by the SEaP lab, and was commissioned by a combined UAB Rheumatology and CreakyJoints team in order to reach out to patients affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis.

    Website: Arthritis Power


    Pediatric Dental App

    The Pediatric Dental App is an informational app aimed at providing guidelines for parents taking care of children's teeth.

    My First Tooth
    Website: Pediatric Dental App



    The UAB Math Learning Lab internally developed and released the MADDIE Grade System for use back in 2006. This system provides a number of useful grade reporting and auditing features for both instructors and students alike, all while pulling grades from the Pearson Math Labs system. The SEaP Lab was contracted by the Math Department to maintain and improve the existing MADDIE code base by adding new features, documentation, and refactoring existing schema.

    Website: MADDIE